Here's What Everyone Thinks About The iPad After Two Days

Photos From iPad Lines Around The Country

Apple launched a new gadget over the weekend. It’s called the iPad. We wrote a few stories about it. You can catch up here:

  • 11 Essential Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your iPad
  • I’m Really Worried About What Apple Is Trying To Do With The iPad
  • The iPad Backlash Begins: “After having slept with her, I am having morning-after regrets.”
  • Ugh, Typing On The iPad Sounds Horrible
  • THE VERDICT ON iPAD TYPING: Touch-Typers Are “Sort Of Boned”
  • An Open Letter To The People Of The World, From Fake Steve Jobs
  • As Expected, No One Wants Those Expensive Newspaper iPad Apps
  • iPad Struggling To Pick Up A Strong WiFi Signal
  • Consumer Reports Discovers Problem With The iPad!

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