ALL THE CHARTS: 14 Of The Most Interesting Graphics From The Australian Budget Papers

Australia’s federal Budget papers are full of excellent charts mapping out some of the forces affecting the economy and government spending plans.

This is a collection of some of the most interesting. The full budget papers are available at

The change in employment shows growing sectors compared to the losses in more traditional areas

A political slide showing the impact of tax cuts on government's underlying cash balance

This chart shows Australia's continuing underperformance against the US and UK on maths and science results, justifying the school reforms package

Treasury has been forecasting GDP growth on the high side in recent years

After years of revenue write-ups thanks to the mining boom, we've now had years of write-downs

Australia has one of the highest per capita defence spends in the western world

This chart shows how the government plans to fund its two big-ticket spending initiatives, the NDIS and the Gonski school reforms - the big money doesn't start rolling for another five years

This chart shows how the government net debt gets reduced between now and 2024 - but also shows that the mid-year outlook massively underestimated the debt levels (see the big swell in the darker line to the left)

The ageing population still presents huge economic challenges - this shows life expectancy continuing its relentless rise

Here's another graph showing the projected impact of the ageing population - this time the growth of care packages required and sheer numbers of people aged over 70

A map of federally-funded infrastructure projects in the Budget

The 'debt loading' that the government wants to target by corporations is explained in this graphic

And to finish, two oldies but goodies. Where the money gets spent...

... and where it comes from. Happy charting!

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