All It Takes Is One Russian Nuclear Meltdown And The "Renaissance" Is Over

Nuclear power is quietly picking up more and more supporters. Marc Gunther, chairman of the Fortune Green Brainstorm conference even says, “It’s Time To Rethink Nukes.”

It’s a clean alternative to coal and unlike wind or solar, it’s been proven to work. Sure there’s nuclear waste, but there’s trade-offs with every energy option.

What could derail the public enthusiasm for more nuclear reactors? Just one slip up in a far off land:

EE News (Sub Req’d): While the older generation of U.S. nuclear plants now runs at 90 per cent efficiency and has a relatively good safety record, utility executives are aware that the industry retains a unique fragility. They’ve seen it all crash before. As David Crane, CEO of NRG Energy, briefed investment analysts last year about the company’s plans to build new nuclear plants in Texas, he spoke of that risk. “So what worries me is I’m going to wake up someday and something is going to happen in some nuclear plant in Russia or something. And it’s going to sour the American public on the nuclear renaissance.”


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