Beautiful TV Host Explains How Not To End Up Half-Naked On The Internet While Posing In Her Underwear

me in my place

Esquire and Me In My Place are running a collaboration in which the anonymous photographer behind the Tumblr takes pictures of female actors and other celebrities posing in their homes.

Also: their underwear.

They are running one today featuring “Attack of the Show” correspondent Alison Haislip.

In the text that accompanies one of the photos, the New Jersey-born 30 year old offers her thoughts on how not to end up half-naked on the internet.

She tells MimP: “I’ve had boyfriends who are like, Text me a sexy picture of you. And I’m like, Honestly? No. Because I don’t know where that’s going to end up five years from now. You just have to be so careful about what you’re putting out there. The entire world is connected through the Internet.”

The key, apparently is to only let professional photographers take pictures of you in your skivvies. Especially if the images are getting posted directly on the world wide web.

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