A vlogger took down a video of his girlfriend where she says she enjoys yelling for help out their bedroom window

Zoe Sugg (L) and Alfie Deyes attend YouTube phenomenon Zoe Sugg’s (Zoella) launch of her debut beauty collection at 41 Portland Place on September 25, 2014 in London, England. Photo by David M. Benett/Getty Images for Zoella Beauty
  • British vloggers Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg apologised for a since-removed video that viewers criticised for “insensitivity” about domestic violence.
  • In the video, Sugg said it’s one of her “favourite games” to pretend to yell for help out their open bedroom window and that she’s done it “like three times.”
  • In her apology on her Instagram story, Sugg said there was “no intention of trivialising a serious issue, we were just being silly,” and Deyes took down the YouTube video that included the clip, which is still circulating on Reddit.
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British vlogger Alfie Deyes took down a video with his girlfriend Zoe Sugg -known online as Zoella – after viewers criticised Sugg for saying she enjoys screaming for help from her bedroom.

The video was criticised as making light of domestic violence, as well as contributing to a larger culture of not taking victims of partner abuse seriously.

In the since-removed video, titled “COUPLES THERAPY STYLE Q&A” and which is still circulating on Reddit, Deyes jokingly pretended to sit on Sugg’s chest. After saying “Ow!” Suggs yelled out for help.

“That’s not even funny, the neighbours are going to think something weird is going on,” Deyes said.

Sugg called again for help, toward the window, and said it’s one of her “favourite games” to “play with Alfie.”

“The bedroom window is open because it’s ridiculously hot in our bedroom and then Zoe will just like shout ‘Help, stop it Alfie, help’ and I’m like ‘That’s not funny, someone’s gonna think I’m attacking you,'” Deyes replied.

In the video, Sugg said she has yelled for help out the window “like three times” to see the “panic” on his face when neighbours look in.

Zoella and alfie
A screenshot from the since-removed ‘COUPLES THERAPY STYLE Q&A’ when Deyes tells Sugg it isn’t funny for her to pretend to scream for help. Screenshot YouTube/Alfie Deyes Vlogs

Sugg is one of the most popular lifestyle vloggers on YouTube, with more than 16 million subscribers across her channels. She and Deyes have been dating since 2012.

The popular subreddit “r/BeautyGuruChatter” circulated the clip. At least one of Sugg’s fans told the Daily Mail that she commented on the video with the concern that the interaction “speaks to a wider danger on social media and how ‘influencers’ both negate and exploit their influence.”

The fan said her comment was deleted before the video was taken down, which Deyes said on Twitter was because he “received a couple of tweets this afternoon from people letting me know that a part in my newest video was insensitive.” The two are continuing to upload daily holiday-themed content.

In an apology posted to her Instagram story, Sugg clarifies that there was “no intention of trivialising a serious issue, we were just being silly, but can totally see in hindsight how that might come across.”

Representatives for Sugg and Deyes didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.