Former Professor Says He Taught George Zimmerman The Law He Claimed He Knew Nothing About

Alexis Carter witness in Zimmerman trialAlexis Carter, George Zimmerman’s former professor at Seminole State College, tesifies in court on Wednesday, July 3, 2013.

One of George Zimmerman‘s former professors testified in his second-degree murder trial Wednesday that he taught the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law Zimmerman claimed he hadn’t heard of.

The law, which allows people to use force to defend themselves, delayed Zimmerman’s arrest and second-degree murder charge for shooting and killing unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman claims he fired because he feared for his life.

Alexis Carter, an army lawyer, taught one of Zimmerman’s criminal justice courses at Seminole State College. Carter testified Wednesday that he covered the Stand Your Ground law, specifically in the context of violent crimes and murder. He said he showed relevant YouTube videos in class and paused them frame-by-frame, asking students, “What is this person justified in doing?” Carter also said he gave Zimmerman an A in the course.

In an interview with Fox News last year, Zimmerman told Sean Hannity he didn’t know about Florida’s Stand Your Ground law at the time of the incident. If Zimmerman knew more than he admitted, he could have made himself look good in the eyes of the police who questioned him, prosecutors argue.


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