Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says people on Capitol Hill keep assuming she's an intern

  • Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York said she kept being mistaken for an intern during her first week on Capitol Hill.
  • She expressed her frustrations on Twitter on Wednesday.
  • She’s the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, at 29.
  • “People keep giving me directions to the spouse and intern events instead of the ones for members of Congress,” she said.

The youngest women ever elected to Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29, said she kept being given directions to intern events during her first week at the US Capitol.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, she documented her first week waiting to be sworn in as the representative for New York’s 14th District in January.

“People keep giving me directions to the spouse and intern events instead of the ones for members of Congress,” she tweeted.

Later Wednesday, she said she was stopped on Tuesday night because “it was assumed I was an intern/staffer.”

Alexandria ocasio cortez hugRick Loomis/GettyOcasio-Cortez at her victory celebration at the La Boom nightclub in Queens, New York, on November 6.

She also said some people had assumed she’s the partner of a Democratic member of Congress. “Dem Spouse + Member luncheon were at the same time today,” she tweeted. “I was sent to spouse event.”

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In a tweet responding to a critic who insisted there were no intern events on Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez said, “Next time try believing women + people of colour when they talk about their experiences being a woman or person of colour.”

Rep. Grace Meng of New York, a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, replied to Ocasio-Cortez, saying she had experienced the same thing.

“I STILL get stopped in the halls and confused for a spouse or an intern,” Meng tweeted. “This is what happens when you’re a young WOC in Congress – but it shouldn’t. I’m excited you’re here, @Ocasio2018! Let’s work to make this the new normal.”

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