Scott Morrison hits back after Malcolm Turnbull's son calls on the public to vote against the Liberal Party

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images=Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged voters in the Wentworth by-election to ignore the calls by the son for former PM Malcolm Turnbull, telling the public to vote against the Liberal Party.

Alex Turnbull, a professional investor based in Singapore, issued the explosive message on Facebook telling voters in his father’s former electorate to send a message to the Liberal Party which he says has been taken over by “extremists on the hard right” and requires an “intervention”.

He argued that with a general election due next year voters had an opportunity to “send a signal about which way the Liberal Party is going and your displeasure at where it is going”.

Here’s his video in full.

“I disagree with Alex. His father disagrees with him too,” Morrison told the ABC on Friday, adding that Malcolm was heavily supporting the Liberal candidate Dave Sharma.

“At the Wentworth by-election, I have a simple message, if you want a continuation of the certainty for our economy and of economic management, voting for anyone other than Dave Sharma puts all of that at risk,” Morrison said.

A ReachTEL/uComms poll reported in the Guardian on October 4 revealed first preferences were Liberal 40.6%, Labor 19.5%, Phelps (IND) 16.9%, Heath (IND) 9.4%, Greens 6.2%, Others 1.8% and Undecided 5.6%.

It also reported a two-party rather than a two-candidate preferred result with the Liberals defeating Labor 51% to 49%. The poll was conducted for Clover Moore backed Independent Licia Heath.

The Coalition must retain the seat to keep its one seat majority in the House of Representatives.

The Wentworth by-election will be held Saturday.

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