Why Did Alex Semin Want A One-Year Deal?

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Photo: Flickr/clydeorama

The lesser-known goal scoring wizard for the Washington Capitals signed a one-year, $6.7 million this morning.The question here is why would Semin, who was set to cash in via free agency in July, explicitly want a one-year deal as opposed to the multi-year extension the team offered?

We don’t have inside information, but here are our guesses:

  • Semin doesn’t want to be Alex Ovechkin’s sidekick forever.  By all accounts Semin and Ovechkin are close friends, but maybe Semin wants a bigger share of the spotlight.  He has missed a lot of time this year due to injury, so maybe Semin thought one more good year in Washington would make him an attractive free agent next year and he’d be able to have his pick of places to be “the man.”
  • He wants to play in the KHL.  There haven’t been many whispers about this, but the Russian population in the NHL has really dwindled in recent years.  Semin seems content in the NHL for the most part, but he may be interested in returning home during his prime.
  • CBA uncertainty.  Craig Custance of the Sporting News tweeted that Semin’s agent, Mark Gandler, told him “players take on lots of risk w/long-term deals w/o knowing new CBA.”  Semin had a roaring start to the season, but his production has slowed lately and he may have been uncertain of his value on the open market this summer.  A big year next season and the potential for a more lucrative salary under the next CBA could be very alluring.

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