A Marlins Pitcher Blatantly Spit On A Baseball For Everyone To See

Alex Sanabia of the Miami Marlins might be in a little bit of trouble with Major League Baseball after cameras caught him blatantly spitting on a baseball.

Sanabia had just given up a home run to Domonic Brown to tie the game in the second inning. After Saabia received the ball from the umpire, he turned, and while walking in the direction away from home plate, he clearly spit on the ball and began to rub it.

Of course, we don’t know if Sanabia actually threw a spit ball or if he was just trying to rub up a new baseball which can be very slick. But applying a foreign substance to the baseball is illegal and Sanabia is likely going to be suspended (GIF via BaseballNation.com)…

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