Alex Rodriguez Is Selling His Condo In Miami For $US3.2 Million

Alex Rodriguez is in a big fight with MLB right now but it’s not keeping him from his favourite hobby: flipping houses.

According to the Wall Street Journal, A-Rod is selling his condo in Miami he bought just six months ago for a $US1 million profit. A-Rod bought the house for $US2.2 million and it’s on the market for $US3.2 million.

The condo is in a luxury building with plenty of amenities and gorgeous views of the beach.

The condo features an awesome porch with views of the water

The view from the other side of the porch

The glorious beach

The condo also has a shared pool

And other amenities like a spa

And a weight room

Let's go inside. The hallway is lined with Andy Warhol paintings

A lot of the rooms in the home have big windows with great views

The living room

The dining room has a door to the deck

Looking from the dining room into the kitchen

The kitchen

One of the bedrooms

It also has a door to the deck

The house is very white

One of the most awesome showers we've ever seen

This room has bunk beds

Another smaller bedroom

The last bedroom.

A-Rod likes to flip houses with his money, here's what LeBron does

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