Alex Rodriguez Sues Bud Selig And MLB For 'Trying To Force Him Out Of The Sport'

The ongoing battle between Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball has taken another ugly turn as Rodriguez has filed a lawsuit claiming MLB is trying to force him out of the sport
according to Steve Eder of

The biggest claim made in the suit is that MLB paid $US5 million to Anthony Bosch, the founder of the Biogenesis clinic, during the investigation against A-Rod and his use of performance-enhancing drugs. The suit claims the money, made in monthly payments, was used “to buy his cooperation.”

In addition to the cash, the suit also claims that MLB provided Bosch with security, covered his legal bills, and promised to cover any money he should owe if he were to be sued in civil court.

As noted by Eder, lawyers for Rodriguez have made public claims on several occasions that the Yankees withheld the extent of A-Rod’s hip injury last fall. However, the Yankees are not named as a defendant in the suit.

[UPDATE] has published a copy of the lawsuit and detailed the allegations against MLB and Selig. Among the most scandalous claims in the lawsuit are:

  • It claims MLB’s original lawsuit against Biogenesis was just a “sham lawsuit” designed to obtain evidence against Rodriguez.
  • It claims MLB investigators “harassed and intimidated three Biogenesis defendants” to gain information to use against A-Rod.
  • It claims MLB offered one Biogenesis employee money and a job in exchange for his cooperation.
  • It claims one MLB investigator purchased Biogenesis documents for $US150,000 in cash and that MLB failed to file this transaction with the IRS, a federal offence.
  • It claims that this same investigator had “an inappropriate sexual relationship with a witness.
  • According to the lawsuit, MLB’s actions were “done solely with the intent of harming Mr. Rodriguez and interfering with his business relationships.”

The lawsuit also lays much of the blame for baseball’s steroids scandal at the feet of Selig, suggesting he intentionally ignored the problem and is only going after A-Rod to protect his own reputation.

You can read the entire lawsuit at

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