HOUSE OF THE DAY: A-Rod Finally Finds A $6 Million Condo On The Upper West Side


Photo: The Rushmore

After an exhausting real estate search in New York City, Alex Rodriguez has finally decided on a place.The Wall Street Journal reports that A-Rod will buy a 35th floor, five bedroom condo, at The Rushmore, overlooking the Hudson River on Manhattan’s west side.

The sale price is between $5.5 and $6 million. rumours have been flying for years about A-Rod’s search, and if they’re all true, he’s looked in almost every neighbourhood in New York City since becoming a Yankee in 2004.

A-Rod couldn’t ask for more in a building. There are views of the Hudson, the park is steps away, the building has amazing amenities, and there’s a baseball field right outside. Take a look around one of the model apartments to see how A-Rod will be living.

The entrance hallway

Great views of the Hudson... and night

Here's the bedroom, also with views

The building has many amenities, including a pool...

...a full gym so A-Rod can work on his fitness...

...or maybe he'll take Cameron on a date to the apartment's movie theatre...

There's even a billiards room in the building

And a sun deck to watch the sun set over the Hudson

And of course, you have the wonderful NYC skyline

Oh, and if A-Rod (and girlfriend Cameron Diaz?) have any kids in the near future...

How does it compare to to his teammate's crib?

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