Foursquare’s Product Head On How It’s Kicking Butt

Alex Rainert Foursquare
Alex, cranking away at the Foursquare HQ

[credit provider=”Dan Frommer, Business Insider”]

NEW YORK — Earlier today, Foursquare investor Fred Wilson bragged about Foursquare kicking its competitor’s “arse.”So how is Foursquare doing it? With a really good product that’s helping people move from just checking in to places towards finding the next place to go, and giving advice on what to do at the places they’re checked in at.

At the SAI Startup 2011 conference, we managed to pull aside Alex Rainert, head of product at Foursquare, to talk about what’s next for the company and how it managed to beat back its rivals.

Below is an recording of our conversation:

Alex Rainert is Chief Product Officer of Foursquare. A co-founder of Dodgeball, Rainert left the company after its acquisition by Google and ran a creative product development company focusing on experience design, Tinker Studio before joining Foursquare.