Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Goes Berserk During BBC Show

Alex Jones, radio host and owner of, appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Politics show today to talk about the Bilderberg Conference — the secretive gathering of the world’s political and financial elite currently taking place in Watford, England.

Jones is always an over-the-top guest, as we saw in this interview with Piers Morgan last year, but this time he was wild, even by his own standards.

By the end of the segment, Jones was shouting about how the euro was a Nazi plot and the government is trying to poison people through the water supply.

Host Andrew Neil, a legend in British journalism, was reduced to laughter by Jones’ outburst, finally telling him “you’re the worst person I have ever interviewed” and informing viewers “we have an idiot on the programme today.”

You can watch below (the interview begins around 4 minutes in):

Jones is not well-known in the UK, so the British press appear to have been taken by surprise by the outburst. Writing at the Telegraph, Tim Stanley wonders why Jones acts so crazy:

Two theories. One, he’s in this for the money. According to Neil, as soon as the camera was off he reverted to a perfectly normal, non-ranty human being. What he does is a performance designed to get listeners for his tawdry show – notice that throughout the segment he keeps shouting out his website address.

Alternatively, perhaps Jones is actually part of the New World Order conspiracy? Maybe he gets his orders from the Queen of England and her partner in crime Bush/Soros/Ming the Merciless and the whole act is about making us laugh at something we ought to be scared of. Perhaps they’re all a bunch of lizards and they like to get together every Halloween to eat mice.

At the New Statesman, Helen Lewis worried about Jones popularity:

If you’re tempted to dismiss Jones as a fringe crank, it’s sobering to remember that he claims more than two million listeners for his radio show, and more than 250 million views for his YouTube videos.

However, many people were simply entertained. Political blog Guido Fawkes called it “tv gold.”

Not content with the scene he had created during the show, Jones apparently had more planned. In a video that appears to have been recorded on a phone and posted to his website, Jones confronts another guest on the show — British Labour party politician (and Bilderberg member) Ed Balls.

“Why can’t you guys talk about Bilderberg?” Jones asks politely, before Balls is escorted away:

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