An Incredible Hand-Drawn Guide To The Peak Oil Crisis


Every six months, the scientists who make up the Association for the Study of Peak Oil gather to discuss the collapse of society.

One of the best presentations this spring came from Uppsala University’s Kjell Aleklett, featuring hand-drawn charts and illustrations by Olle Qvennerstedt.

Aleklett makes an argument that a child could understand.

World oil production has peaked. Politicians deny that it has peaked. When oil production drops sharply, the politicians will have a rude awakening.

Global oil production has peaked

But energy demand is rising

A fossil-fuel-dependent world cannot survive

OPEC and the regulatory agencies pretend there isn't a problem

U.S. crude production is going, and it's not coming back

It takes a long time to produce new fossil fuels

America insists that we'll find more oil

But geological history says otherwise

We aren't finding many new oil fields

The outlook isn't good

New oil fields are ridiculously hard to access

And dangerous

This report assumes a fast decline in oil production

Current policy assumes a much rosier picture

A decline in production will painfully curtail consumption

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See Also:

There's got to be a better way to use renewable energy

Jeremy Grantham made a similar case recently

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