Alec Baldwin Is Not At The Emmys, Preferring To Catch Stray Balls At The US Open

Two-time Emmy Award winner Alec Baldwin isn’t a fan of public life any more, so much so, he’d rather attend the US Open than the Emmy Awards.

Here he is today, catching a ball that strayed into the crowd during the Kirilenko v Sharapova match currently under way.

In 2011, Baldwin was reportedly so dismayed when he found out Fox had cut his pre-filmed Rupert Murdoch joke that he didn’t show up for the event.

(He said later he had a birthday party to attend.)

He made an Emmys appearance in 2013 with his stunning 17-year-old daughter Ireland on his arm but earlier this year, he said he’d like to move to LA because he was tired of the constant interest in his personal life.

But while tennis is a nice day out to hide amongst the crowd, it obviously doesn’t help when you get the odd ball lobbed at you.

Nice catch.

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