Alec Baldwin Says Next Season Of “30 Rock” Will Be The Last

alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin dropped a bombshell at a National Dance Institute benefit last night: he said “30 Rock” is on its way out.

“Next year is our last year of our show,” he told a reporter, going on to clarify that his and Tina Fey‘s contracts (as well as several others’) expire in 2012, and that he expects Fey to move on to a full-time movie career.

But we were just celebrating “30 Rock” and its wonderful Liz Lemonisms!

The show’s 100th episode, by the way, airs April 21.

OK, NBC, we’ll make a deal with you.

We’ll say a graceful goodbye to “30 Rock” — if you mount an actual series of “TGS” (the “30 Rock” show-within-a-show) starring Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan.

We think our terms are more than fair.