11 Aldi ripoffs that are somehow better than the original products

Kristoffer Tripplaar/Sipa USA
  • Aldi is filled with products which skate very close to copyright violations of major store brands
  • We went to Aldi to scope out the best products which are just as good, and in many cases better, than original brands we’re used to seeing.
  • These include Aldi chocolate, cheese, cereal and almond milk.
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Who doesn’t love an Aldi run?

German supermarket chain Aldi is known for its entirely too fast checkout system, potluck section filled with things you didn’t know you needed, and products that look very similar to the ones you know and love – almost to the point of copyright violation.

It’s one thing to nab a bargain from Aldi, it’s even better when you find out that a lot of its food products taste just as good – or even better than – traditional brands we’re used to seeing.

So set aside your expectations of seeing Cadbury, Uncle Toby’s or Capilano and take a look at our picks of Aldi brands that are genuinely better than the original:

1. Chocolate – $2.69

Aldi’s chocolate got rave reviews in our own office, especially its Choceur brand’s salted pretzel flavour. And if you haven’t already tried some – do it.

2. Just Divine biscuits – $1.49

Just Divine

Yes, these are pretty much a copy of Tim Tams, but they taste amazing and are way cheaper. Divine.

3. Almond milk – $1.79

Aldi Almond Milk

For all the almond milk lovers, Aldi’s brand is definitely worth a shot.

4. Tasty cheese – $4.99

Aldi Cheese

Let’s be real, cheese can get quite expensive, even if you want to get a small block. Aldi’s 500g block of cheese though, lasts quite a while and it’s pretty cheap.

5. Cottage cheese – $3.49

Cottage cheese

Continuing with the cheese theme is Aldi’s cottage cheese, which is worth tossing in your next salad.

6. Haloumi fries – $4.99

Haloumi fries

Aldi’s haloumi fries are a tasty snack you can eat again and again…and again.

7. Cereal – $2.99

Extra’s cereal

I love a great brekky cereal and Extras is a pretty close contender to Uncle Toby’s. And c’mon: $2.99 for a box of cereal? You can’t say no.

8. Honey – $3.99

Aldi honey

Ah honey, nature’s nature’s sweetner. And how much sweeter does it taste when you snag a bargain?

9. Chicken tenders – $6.99

Aldi chicken tenders

Dinner can be ready in a pinch with these chicken tenders – and they taste great.

10. Di-San – $1.25

Di San

An honourable non-food related Aldi mention is Di-San, an alternative to the likes of Napisan if you wanna get rid of those tough stains.

11. Kenny’s Frozen Dessert – $4.99

The Aldi Lover’s Australia Instagram page compared this treat to the Halo Top brand and it’s nearly half the price.

Got some ideas of Aldi items that are better than the original products? Email the author of the article here.

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