The State Of Global Manufacturing In 4 Giant Slides

Alcoa today reported second quarter earnings that beat expectations.

Excluding certain items, the company earned profit of $US0.18 per share on revenue of $US5.84 billion, topping expectations for $US0.12 on revenue $US5.66 billion.

Along with its earnings conference call, the company also released a presentation detailing the state of global aluminium demand.

Aluminium is one of the most important commodities in the world, found in everything from aeroplanes to beer cans, and demand for the metal is often seen as an indicator of the global economy’s strength.

Currently, Alcoa expects growth in most of its segments, including aerospace, automobile, packaging, and building and construction. The biggest year-over-year declines are being seen in Alcoa’s global airfoil market.

Overall, the company reaffirmed its outlook for 7% growth in global aluminium demand.

Here’s the breakdown in four slides.

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