ALCATRAZ: We Get Tons of Clues!

An unmarked package arrived today from the island of Alcatraz, which contained an aged metal lock box full of clues, a dead flower, and a giant key. What does it all mean? We’re not quite sure yet. As each piece from inside this box contains an important clue, one that ties directly to another clue, giving us, I suppose, some insight into the overall mystery behind the new J.J. Abrams‘s series Alcatraz, debuting this Monday, January 16th, with Episode 1.01: Pilot, on Fox.

We were intrigued by this note from an anonymous source.

We invite you to inspect these artifacts from Alcatraz. Over the next few months, we will be looking to you, and your audience, to help uncover the mysteries of the island.

Should your careful examination of the contents of this box lead you to any new discoveries, we urge you to share with the community. More of the story and further instructions are forthcoming. We hope you choose to participate!“This was followed by the first few items in the box. We have a rather large key imprinted with the word “Alcatraz“, a fresh cut white flower (a daisy?) that is slowly dying, and a Ford Mustang lapel pin. Check it out below.

Alcatraz viral photo #1
Alcatraz viral photo #2
Alcatraz viral photo #3

Next we have an actual tourist pamphlet from the real Alcatraz, which gives the history of the island; along with an advertisement for the brand new 2013 Ford Mustang. “All legend. Zero compromise.” The lapel pin hints that this ripped out advert from a magazine is more important than it first seems. Check it out below.

Alcatraz viral photo #4
Alcatraz viral photo #5

On the flip side of the Mustang advert is page 34 from Commerce Quantified magazine. The top half of the page is “Nancy’s Non-Fiction Nook: Literary Reviews”. A book review from Nancy Gleinen focusing on Dr. Diego Soto’s (Jorge Garcia) new true-life crime novel “Inmates of Alcatraz”. The bottom part of the page is devoted to an ad promoting the book.

Throughout Nancy’s review, there are letters circled in various words, which give us this clue.

Legends of Alcatraz.

Alcatraz viral photo #6
Alcatraz viral photo #7

Next we have two post cards. The first is a 3D card that shows USP Alcatraz Prison Cellblock C as it looked in 1960, and then when you turn it ever so slightly, what it looks like, with its empty cells, today. This card is from 2008. It reads the following on the back.

Cells in the penitentiary did not have locks on their doors. Instead, the doors were opened by remote control by guards operating mechanical levers at the end of each tier. The doors to the control levers were kept locked whenever the doors were not being operated, and he keys to the lever boxes were held by the guards in the gun gallery overhead. Keys were only lowered when convicts had to be let in or our of their cells.

Alcatraz viral photo #8
Alcatraz viral photo #9

This most likely ties into the giant key found inside the box. The second post card, a painting of Alcatraz prison, actually has a hand written (not electronically printed) note on the back.

Dear Nana

Alkatraz is fun. It smells old here. I went to the part where I wasn’t supost to go and a man was sleeping in the jail cell. I screamed and mum and dad found me. The guard told the sleeping man to leave. We all went home on the ferry.

Love, Susie.

Alcatraz viral photo #10
Alcatraz viral photo #11

The next clue is ripped from the San Francisco Bay Intelligencer newspaper, dated March 22, 1963. The article is titled The Final Lockdown, and focuses on the final release of all the prisoners from the island. On the back of this article is another Ford Mustang ad, promoting a TV commercial.

The most exciting thing on TV tonight will be a commercial. Get your first good look at next year’s most exciting new car…The new 1964 Ford Mustang! Tonight.

Alcatraz viral photo #12
Alcatraz viral photo #13

The final clue is the upper right-hand corner of page 85 and 86 from Dr. Diego Soto’s (Jorge Garcia) novel “Inmates of Alcatraz“. On page 85 are the mug shots of Prisoner 2024, born 04/27/56. On page 86 is Prisoner 2047, born 08/25/60. Both men are unnamed. Check them out below.

Alcatraz viral photo #14
Alcatraz viral photo #15

Alcatraz episode 1.1, “Pilot” airs on Fox January 16th, 2012. The episode stars Ashleigh O’Hara, Karina Andrews, Molly Brady, Jason Butler Harner, Santiago Cabrera, Phillip Caires, Samuel Patrick Chu, Jonathan Coyne and is directed by Danny Cannon.

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