Albert Pujols Will Make His Angels Debut Today And Major League Baseball Doesn’t Want You To See It

Albert Pujols

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After signing a $240 million contract  this off-season, Albert Pujols will play his first game as a member of the Los Angeles Angels this afternoon.Certainly the game will be on ESPN or the MLB Network, right? Nope.

OK, well Angels fans will see it on Fox Sports West, right? Guess again.

And Cardinals fans certainly will be able to see the game on the or Extra Innings packages, right? Sorry, no.

Well, what about one of those pirate websites. They have everything, right? No.

That’s right. It is 2012, and between sports television packages and the internet, the game’s best player will make his debut with a new team, and the only people that will be able to see it will be the 9,785 fans in attendance.

It turns out, Fox Sports West had a chance to broadcast the game, but chose a later game instead, with the idea that the star players will play more in the later game.

With today’s technology, it is amazing that MLB can’t put a webcam behind home plate for every non-televised spring game and broadcast it over the internet with just the sounds of the game. Fans would pay for the service. Instead, MLB is robbing their fans of something many would want to see.