Fathead Has Slashed Albert Pujols’ Sticker To A Creative Price

Albert Pujols Fathead

Off The Bench

Albert Pujols Fathead owners are sad.Not only is their life-size sticker defunct, owners are now learning they could have waited patiently to purchase it for a great price.

A giant picture of the newest Anaheim Angel in a St. Louis Cardinals uniform can now be yours for just $31.41.

In a related note, Pujols is currently 31-years-old (allegedly). Which means, at the end of his 10-year, $250 million deal, he’ll be 41-years-old (allegedly). 

Quite the sense of humour Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavaliers and Fathead owner, has.

This should come as no surprise. 

After LeBron James left Cleveland, Gilbert slashed LeBron’s Fathead price to just $17.41. Coincidentally, 1741 was the birth year of Benedict Arnold.

Dan Gilbert is one comic sans comical individual.

But we don’t hear Cardinals’ fans laughing.