Albert Pujols’ New Contract Is Not As Crazy As Some Want You To Believe

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When it was announced that the Cardinals had given Albert Pujols a 10-year deal worth $250 million, the biggest concern for many was the length of the contract and how Pujols is likely to be overpaid in the final years. But what those arguments are missing is just how much Pujols will be underpaid in the early years of the new deal.There are certainly reasons to be concerned. Pujols is already 31 (some think he is older), and Pujols is already showing signs of slowing down as he leaves his peak seasons behind.

But despite the impending decrease in production, Pujols is still worth more than he is getting paid. If we look at his average production for the last five seasons we get a good sense of where Pujols should be for the first few years of his Angels contract (see below).

Pujols has been worth an average of $33.7 million per season. Even in 2011, when he was limited by a broken bone in his arm, his production was still worth $22.8 million.

So, let’s assume he stays healthy for the next five years and his production dips 10% on average. That would mean he is still worth $30 million per season. That is $150 million over the next five years, while the Angels are paying him just $125 million.

Are the Angels going to be overpaying for Pujols at the end of the deal? Sure. But they are also underpaying him early in the deal. And the deal is even better if he helps the Angels win a title or two.


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