Albert Pujols’ New Contract Gets Even Bigger If He Breaks The Home Run Record

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Albert Pujols new contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim near Disneyland is the second largest in Major League history. But newly revealed details show that the $254 million deal will be even bigger if Pujols becomes the all-time home run king.According to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, the Angels will pay Pujols $7 million if hits his 763rd home run, breaking Barry Bonds’ record, during the life of the contract. In addition, they will also pay him $3 million if he reaches 3,000 career hits. Pujols currently has 2,073 career hits and 445 home runs.

Pujols is 318 home runs shy of the record. If he averages 35 home runs per season, he would hit number 763 in the final year of his 10-year contract. The 3,000-hit plateau is much more reachable. If he averages 175 hits per season, he will only need six years to reach the milestone.

What isn’t clear, is whether the home run bonus will be paid if Alex Rodriguez has already broken Bonds’ record. A-Rod currently has 629 home runs. But as we saw yesterday, A-Rod is not a lock to break the record.