Albert Pujols Tells The Cardinals They’d Better Sign Him By The Start Of Spring Training, Or Else…

Albert Pujols

It has long been assumed that the St. Louis Cardinals wouldn’t allow the best player in baseball anywhere near the free agent market, but there has been no progress on contract extension talks and all of a sudden there is real cause for concern for Cardinals fans.

Pujols has told the the team that the deadline for getting a deal done will be the start of spring training, which begins just over a month from now.

Pujols is expected to land a historic contract, but the two sides are not yet close to an agreement.

The Cardinals don’t have much leverage here — they have to get a deal done and everyone knows it — but so far they obviously aren’t negotiating in Pujols’s ballpark.

They’d better get a move on though, because if Pujols enters the season without a new contract, 29 other teams will be falling over themselves trying to sign him next winter.

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