An Enormous Albanian Mob Is Torching Cars And Throwing Rocks To Protest Corruption


Photo: ap

20 thousand Albanians are protesting in the streets of Tirana right now against government corruption.The increasingly violent mob wants the government to call early elections so the people can vote out conservative Prime Minister Sali Berisha, whose deputy resigned last week after videotapes showed him accepting bribes.

Today’s protest was organised by Albania’s Socialist Party.

The police force was ready and waiting

A protester waves the Albanian flag

They are rioting because the want early elections

The rioters are going after law enforcement

And the police are fighting back

Police shield themselves from angry cit zens

But they are having trouble holding them back

The rioters are also starting fires

A rioter runs with the Albanian flag

And they are setting fire to cars

Similar to recent riots that happened in London in December

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