Trump projected to win Alaska and its 3 electoral college votes

  • President Donald Trump has won the presidential race in Alaska, Decision Desk HQ projected Wednesday morning.
  • Alaska has voted for a Republican president in every election since 1968.
  • By the time of the call, Trump had already lost the presidential race to President-elect Joe Biden.
  • Alaska’s three electoral college votes are too few to change the overall result.
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President Donald Trump has been projected as the winner of the state of Alaska in the 2020 presidential election by Insider and Decision Desk HQ.

The call was made on the morning of Wednesday, November 11, five days after the overall presidential race was called for President-elect Joe Biden.

Alaska has voted Republican for all elections since 1968, reliably serving as a small portion of the Republican candidate’s electoral vote count.

This year, there are down-ballot races in both Alaska’s At-Large Congressional District and in the Senate. The state is firmly in Republican control, with Republicans serving as both senators and as governor, controlling both houses of the state legislature and three out of three congressional seats. Alaska has three electoral votes and is not believed by analysts to be particularly competitive.

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