Alaska Airlines kicked a passenger off a plane for catcalling a female flight attendant

Alaska Airlines removed a passenger from a plane after he harassed a female flight attendant during her safety demonstration.

Amber Nelson, a passenger on the flight leaving from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, wrote about the incident on Facebook. She said the male passenger called out “ooh, sexy” while the female flight attendant was demonstrating how to use a life vest.

“Before we could do more than glare in his direction, the flight attendant removed her vest, purposely walked up to him and said, ‘You need to be respectful,’ and started to walk back to her task,” Nelson said in the post. “He said, ‘C’mon, I’m just playing with you!'”

After the safety demonstration concluded, the male who had been catcalling the flight attendant was asked to collect his belongings and leave.

An Alaska Airlines spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the incident did occur, adding “we stand behind our employees.”

“I felt honored as a patron of the airline — and as a woman — because Alaska Airlines supported their staff and those of us on board who were demeaned by another passenger’s juvenile and exceedingly disrespectful behaviour,” Nelson wrote in her post.

You can read the post in full here:

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