'Thor: The Dark World' Director Will Make The Next 'Terminator' Movie

Alan taylor thor the dark world terminatorJerod Harris/Getty ImagesAlan Taylor will take on the first film of the ‘Terminator’ franchise reboot.

The new “Terminator” film has a director.

Sources tell Variety that the cyborg reboot will be directed by Alan Taylor, director of “Thor: The Dark World.”

Taylor also directed HBO’s cult hit “Game of Thrones,” credited with the final two episodes of season one and four episodes of season two.

Paramount hasn’t released any “Terminator” plot details yet, but says the film is the first of an entire new trilogy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his infamous line “I’ll be back” in the franchise, is already committed to return in the next film.

It is believed that Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn will also return to the cast.

Schwarzenegger fans will have a while to wait. The next film in the franchise is expected to release June 2015.

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