Alan Joyce Says The Government Should Step In Because Virgin's Partners Are Ganging Up On Qantas And That's Unfair

Getty / Greg Wood

Qantas boss Alan Joyce says his airline should be dominating a “normal, fair market”. But it’s not, and he’s now asking the Federal Government to step in.

Joyce last week lobbied politicians against a $350 million deal that will strengthen the partnership between Virgin, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways.

According to Jamie Freed of the AFR, here’s what Joyce said:

In a normal fair market what should have happened was that Qantas would continue to win that battle.

But it feels to me like I’m playing a soccer game, I was 10-nil up in the soccer game.

The other team has called three other teams onto the field because they can’t beat us to challenge us and that is unfair.

Joyce told reporters that politicians recognised that Qantas was up against unfair competition. The Australian airline is legally required to be at least 51% Australian owned, while Virgin could be more than 80% foreign owned after the new deal.

There’s more on the Fin.

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