Hedge Funder Alan Howard Hired Two Huge Pop Sensations To Sing For Just 20 Minutes At His Son's Bar Mitzvah

Pixie serenading Alan Howard. (Maybe).

Brevan Howard’s founder, Alan Howard, just threw his son the best party ever for his bar mitzvah.Two huge pop shows performed at the event held in London’s amazing Dorchester Hotel: the girl pop star, Pixie, and the boy band, JLS.

Usually, their party rooms are reserved for weddings, but Howard’s son’s party was clearly massive.

Pop sensations Pixie and JLS only performed for 20 minutes each, but the pop sensations each walked away with £25,000.

The boy band

(<– Here’s the boy band JLS.)

Even though that seems like a lot, it’s nothing compared to Alan Howard’s nest egg.

Even if the two stars made that much money all the time and played every minute of every day for an entire year, and combined their wealth – they still wouldn’t have as much as Alan Howard.

Separately, the pop stars would have ~$657.4 million. Forbes estimated Alan Howard’s wealth at $1.8 billion.

So yeah, this party was awesome.

Hopefully no one got too wild and disrespectful, like they did at this party.

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