Alain De Botton: Brisbane Is A Bit Of A Mess

Facebook/ Brisbane City Council

Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has had to defend the honour of his city after UK philosopher turned television personality openly slagged the Queensland capital city’s design while visiting a local university.

Alain De Botton criticised the city of Brisbane for lacking any aesthetic appeal saying in his blog, The Philosophers’ Mail, planning restrictions has caused “some truly terrible construction projects” and “the result is chaotic ugliness.”

“No one looks at the waterfront of Brisbane … and feels deeply moved by the grace and sweetness of the scene,” he wrote while visiting the University of Queensland’s Kelvin Grove campus to discuss his latest book.

“While most people find the centre of Paris wonderful and others will delight in the winding streets of Siena, no one on the planet responds deeply to the brutal cross city expressway and chunky stained brown office blocks of the city.

Quirk was quick to dismiss the remarks saying: “GQ Magazine and Lonely Planet got it right when they said that Brisbane is the hippest city in Australia. Brisbane truly is one of the few cities in the world that has everything.”

Brisbane will host G20 world leaders in November.

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