Everyone’s talking about the Genie, but the new ‘Aladdin’ trailer teased a fan favourite you may have overlooked

Did you spot this familiar face in the new live-action trailer for Disney’s ‘Aladdin’? Disney

Disney released a new trailer for its live-action “Aladdin” during the 2019 Grammys Sunday night. Most of the attention revolved around knee-jerk reactions to Will Smith’s CGI Genie, overshadowing the reveal of, what might just be, the best character in this live-action movie.

When Aladdin was in the Cave of Wonders waiting for the Genie to appear, you could spot the magic carpet just to the left of the man from Agrabah.

Magic carpet aladdin
It’s the magic carpet you should have been looking at during this part of the trailer. Disney

Here’s a cleaner and closer look at the carpet in all his shy, awkward glory.

Aladdin live action magic carpet
The carpet’s a little larger than we remember, but he looks great. Disney

In case you don’t recall, Aladdin spots the magic, flying carpet while trying to find a magic lamp in a cave for Jafar. Aladdin and the carpet become pretty good pals with the loyal rug transporting him all over Agrabah and taking him on that memorable carpet ride with Princess Jasmine in the 1992 animated picture.

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Aladdin Abu Carpet
Here’s another look at our carpet pal from the animated movie. Disney

While fans were left scratching their heads over the Genie’s new look, they quickly started agreeing on one thing: The magic carpet stole the show in the otherwise questionable trailer.

The carpet may even wind up the MVP of the entire movie.

Many pointed out online that the only character Disney may have appeared to have nailed was the inanimate object.



If you want to have more of an idea of how the carpet may interact on screen, you may not need to look much further than some recent Marvel movies. In 2017, “Doctor Strange” director Scott Derrickson told INSIDER that while Stephen Strange’s fan-favourite cloak wasn’t directly influenced by Aladdin’s magic carpet, he said there were similarities between the two.

“The idea of the magic carpet was definitely the closest thing you can look to for what [the cloak] is,” Derrickson said. “At the end, it’s got a personality, it protects and has opinions about things and attitudes about things. And it’s a little bit wildly unpredictable.”

Doctor strange marvel
The playful cloak reminded many of Aladdin’s carpet. Marvel

“I never thought of ‘Aladdin’ and I don’t think ‘Aladdin’ really ever came up until we were in post-production and then we realised that that’s what we had,” Derrickson added.

No complaints here. If the magic carpet resembles anything like Strange’s playful cape, I think he’s set to be a breakout in the film, regardless of what people may think of the CGI Genie.

“Aladdin” is in theatres Friday, May 24, 2019, and is being directed by Guy Ritchie. You can watch the latest trailer here.