YUCK! Alabama Just Won The Most Boring National Championship Game Ever

alabama kicker jeremy shelley

[credit provider=”AP”]

Alabama just beat LSU 21-0 to win the BCS National Championship in New Orleans.It was a generally terrible game with one touchdown, no turnovers, no highlights, or nothing else of note.

But there were five field goals! And a missed extra point!

In all seriousness, Alabama thoroughly dominated the game — gaining 384 yards to LSU’s 92 yards — and they deserved to win.

So there you have it, Bama technically wins the BCS title. But we have no idea if they are really the best team in college football this year, and we have no clue how a team with a competent offence like Oklahoma St. would fair against them.

But the NCAA doesn’t care about that, so we don’t either.

See ya next year!