An Alabama teenager was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly shot a girl when she rejected his ‘unwanted advances’

An outside photograph of Piedmont Medical Centre, where the victim was treated. Google Maps
  • Anthony Marquez Buchannon, 17, was arrested on attempted murder charges after a teenaged girl was shot in the early hours of Saturday, WTVM reported.
  • Police say that Buchannon shot the girl after she “rejected his unwanted advances.”
  • The girl is in a stable condition after being airlifted to hospital.
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A 17-year old boy in Auburn, Alabama, has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting and seriously wounding a girl who rejected his advances.

Anthony Marquez Buchannon, 17, was arrested after a teenage girl was shot in the early hours of Saturday morning, local police said. He was charged as an adult, police added.

Police say that the girl rejected Buchannon’s “unwanted advances” and he shot her then fled the scene.

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“The arrest stems from an investigation into a shooting reported to police in the early morning hours of August 31, 2019. The victim, a female juvenile, was shot by an acquaintance, later identified as Buchannon after she rejected his unwanted advances,” Captain Lorenza Dorsey of Auburn Police said in a statement.

The girl, who has not been named by police, was airlifted to Piedmont Medical Centre in Columbus, Georgia for emergency treatment. Police say she is in a stable condition.

Her mother told local news station WRBL that the girl is a senior at Auburn High School, and was shot through the neck.

Buchannon is being held in the Lee County Jail on a $US75,000 bond, Auburn Police’s statement said.