Alabama's New $9 Million Football Facility Is Like Something Out Of MTV Cribs

alabama swimming pool facility

The University of Alabama recently spent $9 million renovating its football facility.

Last week, they unveiled it in a video tour on the school athletic department website.

It’s spectacularly over the top. There are arcade games, pool tables, 30-foot long hot tubs, and much more.

In big-time college football, having a shiny new facilities is a huge recruiting tool. And it’s clear that Alabama included every bell and whistle they could find in order to woo the best high school players in the country. The school pulled in $82 million in football revenue last year, so it can afford it.

This thing is nuts.

The players lounge is basically a game room

There are pool tables

And an arcade

As well as a soda machine that dispensers Gatorade

The fountains are an extravagent touch

One tub is cold, and the other is hot

There's a TV in the pool too

The main meeting room looks like a lecture hall, but with fancy leather chairs

There are position-specific meeting rooms as well

This one is for quarterbacks only

The locker room itself got a huge revamp

The lockers are abnormally wide

Each player has his name in lights

Every locker has a safe with a phone charger inside of it

There are six TVs in the locker room, including this one that's actually four TVs combined

The training room is right off the locker room

The weight room features floor-to-ceiling windows

We lost count of the number of TVs in this place

The facility is a huge recruiting tool. In the hallway there are the jerseys of every NFL 1st round pick from 'Bama

There's also a whole section devoted to the Nike uniforms

No expense was sparred, even in the hallways

Another college football extravagance

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