Al Sharpton gave all the presidential candidates ‘Black Approval Ratings’ on ‘SNL’

Al sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton dropped by “Saturday Night Live” to give the presidential candidates “black voter approval ratings.”

Appearing on ‘SNL’ this week, the MSNBC host appeared alongside a satirical version of himself, played by SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, and rated four of the remaining presidential candidates.

While Sharpton gave former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a high score for her family’s long ties with the black community, Sharpton joked that Sen. Bernie Sanders seemed a little out of touch with black voters.

“Senator Sanders gets a score of 6.3. Yes, he was active in the civil rights movement. But for some reason, he seems like the kind of person who still calls Muhammad Ali ‘Cassius,'” Sharpton said.

“He’s from Vermont. It’s a beautiful state, but never has a black person said ‘Hey, I’ve got time off this weekend, anybody want to go to Vermont?'” Thompson added.

Republicans received less favourable scores.

Sharpton gave Sen. Ted Cruz a rating of 2 on the black voter approval scale, but reserved his lowest rating for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

“Right now Donald Trump has an approval rating on negative 1,048. But that could go down,” Sharpton said.

The MSNBC host did not rate Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is also a presidential candidate.

Watch the clip below, via SNL:


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