Al Roker Was Really, Really Stoked About Shaking Hands With Joe Biden

Al Roker looks like he’s having the time of his life at the Inauguration Day parade in Washington. 

First, the NBC weatherman managed to score the first post-inauguration “interview” with President Barack Obama, after shouting him down along the parade route.

“I think we can pretty much assume that it’s going to be a failure,” Roker said, before hollering: “MR. PRESIDENT! MR. PRESIDENT! MR. PRESIDENT! HOW’S IT GOING!”

To everyone’s amazement, Obama actually responded:

“It’s going great!” he said with a thumbs up.

“IS THE WEATHER GOOD?” Roker yelled back.

“It’s great!” Obama replied. 

Here’s the video, courtesy of NBC: 

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Roker had even better luck with Vice President Joe Biden a few minutes later.

The exchange — and Roker’s mic drop — are pretty priceless. 

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