Al-Qaida Rips Into Former Member For Failing To File Expense Reports

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International terrorist Moktar Belmoktar received a scathing letter from his former bosses at al-Qaida in October, blasting him for failing to carry out attacks and file expense reports.

Belmoktar, who uses the pseudonym Abu Abbas Khaled, had expressed a desire to break away from al-Qaida. He formed his own group in December, shortly after receiving the letter.

The 10-page al-Qaida letter was signed by the 14-member Shura Council and found by the Associated Press in Mali. Here are some choice excerpts:

“[Abu Abbas], based on the loftiness of his ability, his precedence in jihad and his prowess, remained for more than a decade independent in opinion and autonomous in decision-making, linked to the organization’s leadership only by slogan.

He paid no mind, gave no consideration, did not abide by and and did not adhere to the principle of ‘hear and obey’, nor did he stick to the directives or work by the orders coming from the emirate.”

“[The chapter] gave Abu Abbas a considerable amount of money to buy military materiel, despite its own great need for money at the time.

Despite all that, the practical reality testifies to the fact that Abu Abbas did not contribute to increasing weapons purchases … So whose performance deserves to be called poor in this case, I wonder?”

“You say the Emirate is an impediment and that is performance is poor and non existent. By God, that’s not fair, Khaled.

Here we ask out good brother, why would the break in contact with the Emirate only be with you? Why do you only turn on your phone with the Emirate when you need it, while your communication with some media is almost never ending!

We ask you also: How many administrative and financial reports have you sent up to your Emirate? Why do the successive emirs of the region only have difficulties with you? … Are all of them wrong and brother Khaled is right?”

The full letter has been published by the AP here.

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