Osama Bin Laden Reemerges In Al Qaeda 9/11 Anniversary Video

al qaeda september 11 video

[credit provider=”Courtesy of The Telegraph” url=”http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/september-11-attacks/8759968/Al-Qaeda-leader-supports-Arab-Spring-in-911-anniversary-video.html”]

Al Qaeda is marking the tenth anniversary of the September 11 with a new hour-long video, released on jihadist websites late Monday, according to the intelligence monitoring service SITE.The video, titled “The Dawn of Imminent Victory,” features a message from Al Qaeda’s new chief, Ayman al-Zawahiri, as well as previously unreleased warnings from Osama bin Laden.

“10 years have passed since the blessed attacks on New York and Washington and Pennsylvania: that mighty, tremendous event which shook and continues to shake the pillars of the global crusade. 10 years have gone by, in which the Islamic nation has had many victories, with its fighters and people, over the arrogance of the crusaders,” al-Zawahiri says in the audio recording. He goes on to praise the Arab Spring uprisings, taking credit for the “Arab volcano” that is replacing fallen regimes with Islamic rule.

“America thought the Arab region was stable under its control enforced through a number of agent rulers, who it employed, supported and put in power but then came the powerful and blessed Arab earthquake, protesting, to turn America’s calculations head over heels,” he says. “America lost Zain al-Abidin bin Ali against its will. It lost Hosni Mubarak despite hating it, it is losing Gaddafi, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Bashar Al-Assad, all against its will.”

The AP reports that the video of bin Laden appears to be the same as the footage found by U.S. forces during their raid on the former Al Qaeda leader’s compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

According to SITE, bin Laden warns Americans against “falling as slaves” to corporations and says they must avoid the influence of “Jewish money capital.” The Washington Post reports that the bin Laden tape also recommends Americans read reporter Bob Woodward’s Obama’s Wars, an account of the administration’s internal divide over its Afghanistan policy.

Video below, courtesy of The Telegraph: