Al Qaeda Propaganda Magazine Maps Out Australian Fuel Shipping Routes To Target The 'Achilles Heel Of Western Economies'

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In a new English language propaganda magazine, Resurgence, Al Qaeda has urged jihadists to target Australian fuel shipping routes, calling them the “achilles heel of western economies”.

In the magazine the terror group maps out fuel routes between the Persian Gulf, Singapore and Australia, and says if one ship was attacked in these chokepoints the consequence would be phenomenal.

Here is the map.

Resurgence, page 96.

It says:

This requires a multi-pronged strategy that focuses not only attacking American military presence in the Muslim world, but also targeting the super-extended energy supply line that fuels their economies and helps to sustain their military strength.

In an address to the Biofuels Association yesterday NRMA director Graham Blight spoke of the extremist Islamic magazine and the issue of Australia’s declining energy security.

He said such an attack on these supply lines would see local supermarket shelves emptying within seven days and petrol bowsers dry within three.

Blight has been a strong advocate for reducing Australia’s reliance on imported transport fuel, which has increased from 60% to 91% between 2000 and 2013, saying new policies need to be implemented by the government to “ensure Australia’s sustainability in the unlikely event of a disruption to our liquid fuel”.

Currently Australia is the only member of the International Energy Association that does not have mandated fuel stockholdings.

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