Syrian Rebels Pulled Off A Lethal Fake-Out On Assad

Al-Nusra fighters make up nine per cent of rebel forces.

A Syrian parliamentarian and eight members of the security forces were killed in a Damascus suicide bombing Wednesday, and al-Arabiya reports that the attack was reportedly carried out by the al-Nusra Front — the group recently blacklisted by the U.S.Two bombers detonated explosive belts inside the Syrian Ministry of Interior as battles raged within sight of the presidential palace. 20 others were wounded in the attack, which was only made possible by a “betrayal” in the security services of the ministry.

“It is impossible for a car to approach the entrance to the Ministry if it is not an official vehicle,” a security source told AFP.

The attack is reminiscent of the July 18 suicide bombing in Damascus that killed four members of the president’s inner circle.

Earlier this week al-Nusra, arguably the best front line rebel fighters, were dubbed terrorists by the U.S. despite having widespread support among the opposition.

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