WATCH: New Daily Show Correspondent Al Madrigal Nails His First Assignment

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Jon Stewart has a new partner in crime.

Al Madrigal joined the cast of the Daily Show as Senior Latino correspondent.

“It’s actually pronounced ‘seen-your,’ Jon, but thank you, good to be here,” he said in his wonderful first lines as a member of the staff.

The comedian spent the segment playing up the stereotypes of his culture and making Stewart try not to laugh.

“I am a little offended that your make up lady covered up my teardrop tattoo,” he told the Daily Show host.

Later, Madrigal explained why Mexican immigrants want to come to the United States.

“Or is it entrapment? Alright, American the beautiful. Purple mountains majesty. This place has got it all,” he said. “Mexicans can see Las Vegas from their casas, Jon. Hmmm, what am I going to do? I can get beheaded on this side of the border for driving down a street controlled by some Scarface-wannabe or I can go over to teh shiny place where big-boobed girls in dolphin short serve me hot wings while I play blackjack. Hit me!”

More of that, Mr. Madrigal.

Video below.

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