A Utah Jazz Player Sleeps In This 120-Square-Foot Bed

At 6’10 and 290 pounds, Utah Jazz big man Al Jefferson needs a larger bed than the rest of us.

But this 120-square-foot behemoth might be overkill. Jefferson’s teammate Mo Williams tweeted out a photo from inside the bed itself earlier this week. Keep in mind that Williams is six-feet tall:

al jefferson bed

Photo: @mowilliams

As SB Nation points out, Jazz writer Spencer Hall originally broke the news that Jefferson owns this monster last week. He tweeted out a shipping invoice sent to Jefferson for more than $23,000, and noted that the bed was 12′ x 10′.

Much of the invoice is cropped out, so we can’t tell how much the bed itself cost. Jefferson has made more than $57 million in his career, and is due $15 million this year. So he can afford to sleep on something larger than entire bedrooms in some NYC apartments.

But ESPN’s big documentary last week on how athletes go broke provided all sorts of horror stories about players wasting money on needless items like this. So perhaps this is an ominous sign:

shipping invoice

Photo: @saltcityhoops

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