INSIDE AL JAZEERA: The Hottest News Network On The Planet


Editor’s note: Al Jazeera, the Doha, Qatar-based news network, has become very hip lately, thanks to its excellent coverage of world news — especially during the recent events in the Middle East — and freely available live online stream.

PaidContent founder Rafat Ali is in Doha today, and took these photos inside Al Jazeera. He has given us permission to run the photos (and his captions) here.

Lobby of Al Jazeera English, along with the journalism award trophies display on the left. No Peabodys there.

The office of main Arabic language Al Jazeera channel

The office of the political cartoonist for the Arabic channel.

Control room for the Al Jazeera channels.

Headgear you won't see in any American TV control room.

Studio for the Arabic language channel, large but relatively subdued, compared to its newer English channel studio.

Inside the men's prayer room inside the office of Al Jazeera

Main canteen, and smoking is allowed!

The A lJazeera Museum, where among other memorabilia, homages to journalists killed in the line of duty. Very soon, they'll have an exhibit for Ali Hassan al-Jaber, their cameraman killed in Libya two days ago, and buried earlier today here in Doha.

The Al Jazeera code of ethics, in Arabic and English, in its museum.

Their news logo is sprinkled liberally all over the studios. Of course the cool Arabic calligraphy in the logo helps.

The mandatory wall of achievements.

Offices of Al Jazeera English, newer of the two on the lot.

Tightly clustered tables of journalists and producers, with studio set in the background.

The Libyan coverage, anchored live out of these studios. That's Shiulie Ghosh, one of the main anchors.

New Media, a much small cave, as always.

In stuff-you-won't-see-in-American-newsrooms

The men's version of it.

Another aerial AJ English studio shot.

TVs line the wall all over the studios.

That's the online desk, converged into the main English channel newsroom. They're responsible for producing

Kamahl Santamaria, one of the anchors, on the left, preparing for a future broadcast.

That giant TV wall behind, the presence of many a TV newsrooms around the world.

Some of the online media team, who showed me around the studios.

Mohamed Nanabhay, head of online, in his offices at Al Jazeera English.

Chartbeat running in background.

The multimillion dollar live broadcast vans, producing and streaming live from Al Jazeera Forum.

Headgears galore in the live production van of Al Jazeera.

Ayman Mohyeldin, one of the stars of the English Channel, at the Al Jazeera Forum in Doha today.

Mohamed Nanabhay, Head of Online, Al Jazeera English, speaking at the AJ Forum

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