At Least Four Dead In Bahrain: Al Jazeera Covers The Government Crackdown

Bahrain Protests

Photo: Al Jazeera English

In Bahrain a peaceful demonstration in the Pearl Roundabout in the capital city of Manama was attacked last night by riot police with tear gas and rubber bullets.

According to Al Jazeera, the square was filled with both young and old, men and women. Many were injured and being cared for at the Salmaniya hospital. The Al Jazeera live blog counts at least four dead, with many missing.

One protester described to Al Jazeera that last night the hospital was surrounded by tanks and riot police. Still, the crowds were angry, shouting “down with the Khalifas” — Bahrain’s ruling family for the last 200 years — and welcoming the army to attack them: “Let them come, let them kill us, we don’t care.”

Al Jazeera continues to provide front-line coverage of what is happening in the Middle East right now.

Click here to see a footage of the attack from one of the protestors —it’s pretty chilling, with the sounds of guns and women screaming.

The Al Jazeera report is below.


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