Will The Real Al Gore Please Stand Up?

Al Gore Jr. Mash up

Photo: Business Insider

Turns out that in addition to Al Gore Jr. of Vice Presidential fame, there is Al Gore Sr. (his father), Al Gore III (his son), and yet another Al Gore Jr. (a possible distant relation), who won the Democratic Senate primary in Mississippi this past Tuesday, reports Grist Magazine Inc. While Als have never met, the Mississippi Al told the Sun Herald that they might be related, their ancestors having parted ways in the early 1800s with one group settling in Mississippi and the other in Tennessee.

The name and possible ancestry is not the only thing these two have in common, with Mississippi Al also taking on the global warming, an issue that is close to heart to our old Vice President. “As the earth becomes more arid, we need to find ways of creating energy that would supply our national needs and perhaps help replenish water and air,” he told the League of Women Voters of Mississippi

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