Al Gore: Letting China Lead On Electric Cars Puts Entire Economy At Risk


After reading about China’s plan to dominate the world in electric cars, Al Gore fires up his scare machine and rattles off this little screed:

Our security crisis, our economic crisis and our climate crisis are all connected. By leading the world in the creation of renewable technology, we will not only put America back to work, but we can also reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help solve the climate crisis.

If, instead, we allow other nations to take the lead in developing the technologies of the future, we would put our entire economy at risk for the next generation. Repowering America is not only about solving the climate crisis; it’s about leading the world. If we don’t, others are sure to take our place.

We aren’t putting our economy at risk if China sells a few more electric cars than us, Al. Our auto industry has been lagging for years, and we’re still the economic kings. We agree we could fall behind. We agree we need to develop new sources of energy, but we don’t think overstatements like this help the credibility of executing a new strategy.

Image: World Resources Institute

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