Al Gore Got Drunk One Night In 2009 And Tried To Buy Twitter

Al goreWikimedia CommonsAl Gore, not drunk.

Al Gore, the former vice president of the U.S., got drunk at the St. Regis Hotel one night in 2009 with Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone and offered to buy Twitter from them, according to Nick Bilton’s book about the company, “Hatching Twitter.”

“I’m very bullish on Twitter, it’s become a global utility, it’s a great business” Gore told Bloomberg yesterday. He also very briefly confirmed that he once tried to buy the company.

Back in 2009, Gore was at the hotel with Joel Hyatt, his co-founder at Current TV (the cable TV channel Gore later sold to Al-Jazeera):

In the book, Bilton described a drunken scene at the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco in 2009, during which Gore met with Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, pouring “copious amounts of wine and Patron tequila.”

Of course, they didn’t sell the company. Instead, Twitter filed for an IPO this year that could be worth $US20 billion.

It’s not too outlandish that Gore might have owned Twitter: He is, after all, on the board of Apple, and he ran Current TV.

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